Pi1541 1571

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Pi1541 1571

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pi1541 1571

Today, I finally found the time to assemble a couple of those boards and so far, everything seems to be working great! Two working configurations of the Pi IO Adapter. When assembling one of the rev. One of the simplest working ones — shown on the left side in the photo above — needs only three components: a 6 pin DIN connector, a 4 channel level shifter module, and a 40 pin female header to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

Most of the possible configurations can be built using easy to solder through-hole components, only! All configurations require voltage level converters. The PCB layout allows you to either use a cheap and ready-made 4 channel module or to fit the same SMD components that the module contains directly to the board. Using the module will relieve you of the need to solder SMD components in case you are hesitant to handle those.

On his project page for the PiSteve White currently describes two different options for wiring the Pi This works fine, but you risk damaging the RasPi when connecting three or more devices to the bus. The Piio board must be configured for one of these two options using solder bridges on the bottom side.

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Configure the bus driver using solder bridges. Note that you also need to tell the Pi software which bus driver you are using by changing the options. Also on the bottom side of the PCB there is a place for components to add an optional 5th level converter channel that connects the SRQ signal from the serial bus to the Raspberry Pi. So, there is no need to fit those components now. Most of the other components are optional too, actually.

Some of them are very useful though, like the 5 push buttons. Others are probably better left our for now, like the piezo speaker. I will distribute the remainder of my prototype batch of PCBs to people on Forum64 for further testing like I did the last time. I would actually recommend to wait for those results to come in.

If you absolutely cannot wait any longer to try this yourself, here are the Gerber files for you to download. As always: use at your own risk. Is the plan to sell the boards and if so, do you have a idea for when they might be available? Just wanted to say thanks! This is a great looking board.The project was created by a guy called Steve White and if you want to know the technical ins and outs then check out his website here. Pi Disk Drives can be picked up very cheaply on eBay.

Of course another option is to build your own but I have neither the time nor the inclination to attempt that. The other big turn off with both of these options is that quite frankly, the devices are just plain ugly. Which brings me neatly on to my latest acquisition…. I just had to have one and after several months of waiting it has finally arrived! This really is a thing of beauty, modelled closely on the first generation Commodore floppy drive.

A chicken logo moulded into the casing top. The Commodore label complete with rainbow colours and a logo where the trailing 1 is actually a letter I.

It even has a built in speaker to emulate the drive sounds of the original drive! It came supplied with a Micro USB cable to power it and a single instruction sheet explaining what the ports are for and what the buttons do. When the device is first turned on it operates in SD2IEC mode which allows you to browse through the contents of your Micro SD card and select an image or multiple images to use. The drive powered up and appeared to work fine until I tried to actually load a directory listing or a program and then it would just lock up and my C64 would freeze.

Thinking the device was faulty, I got in touch with the guy selling it and was advised this was likely a power issue.

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Long story short I tried several USB chargers from phones and such like but none of them fixed the problem. Moral of the story? It loaded everything I threw at it including. It worked perfectly and as you would expect loading times were significantly reduced using either cart.

Nor does it occupy the cartridge slot like a Ultimate does. It also works with my VIC20, something even the mighty Ultimate cannot do.

I believe it will also work with both the Commodore 16 and plus 4 but I own neither of these machines so cannot confirm this. When you want to remove it there is only 2mm of card protruding to grip onto and I found it difficult to pull out without using some needle-nose pliers. The sound produced is a little disappointing too.

This is a terrific product and probably the best and most accurate emulation of the Commodore drive there has been to date. It also looks the part and will work across almost the entire range of 8-bit Commodore machines. Because of this most games have been tweaked to make them work within the confines of the system out of necessity, so in most cases compatibility is often a moot point. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Pi Disk Drive 24th March Commodore 64VIC Add comment. Pi Disk Drive. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.My gift to the community. I would not have achieved the level of compatibility without you. I will release the source code soon, as well as, other hardware options, Gerbers etc.

I just needed to get a version out. Thanks, Steve. Just needs a 3D printed mini RPi case. Petros has shown me his design for an amazing looking II style case. Is there a way to add a momentary contact switch to the GPIO so that this project can be shutdown properly for use without a connected screen?

Thanks for your hard work, Steve! I hope someone comes up with ready-to-buy cables since I'm electronically challenged. A nice case would be a great bonus! Steve: Is cartridge emulation something you've thought about at all?

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EDIT: Or is cartridge emulation already available? Seeing Jiffy. Probably impossible though since the cable doesn't plug into the expansion port. One can dream. There were many non-believers. I will look into it. It has been implemented with bare metal code so there is no harm just pulling the power so long as you do it when it is not writing.

There is a button to eject the disk. When a disk is ejected any changes will be written back then. Not at the moment. Mr Angry wrote: I hope someone comes up with ready-to-buy cables since I'm electronically challenged.

The project will be open source. Others are free to make and sell cables and cases.

Pi1541 Build

Mr Angry wrote: Is cartridge emulation something you've thought about at all? In the full emulation mode all the popular fast-loader cartridges work. You can list multiple ROMs in your options. LST files. I have expanded on this idea.If for some unknown reason one wants to load a game or program from diskette and use the Vice emulator to run it, this should also possible I did not test this though!

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I have the same configuration C64 Pi [9] [8] II [10] [11] and I don't have this problem, I can even copy D64 images to real floppies using DraCopy without issues.

Pi1541 1571

The Pi on the other hand is a true Commodore emulator! It uses a copy of the original ROM images from the Commodore and a full emulator to I'm picturing this installed in a case with the Pi running on the SD card, and the C64 programs running from one of the Pi's USB ports for easy adding to the device. Ultima VI is very picky. There are still some issues, i. Siehe Details. SDOS v1. I could easily copy all my old CBM64 disks and 1 Vic disk.

The one best know is probably the ZoomFloppywhich can be purchased ready-built. While the Epyx product was first, and sold very well, it didn't have the market to itself for long. The files appear to be copied and the Pi is making its emulated disk write sounds. Also, my didn't come with a switch and according to the docs -- JD will attempt to detect if the host computer has JD enabled.

Verwandt: commodore commodore c64 commodore commodore 64 amiga commodore c64 pi sd2iec commodore monitor commodore commodore c Source drive is device 9 and destination drive is 8 pi The one best know is probably the ZoomFloppy which can be purchased ready-built.

You can load and save commodore64 programs, D Some time ago I raised a challenge: make a PC emulator in Basic!!! Turbo 3. Click to find the best Results for commodore Models for your 3D Printer. Brannon Free Spirit Software, is probably the most well known alignment software.

Pi is a complete emulation of the and two s found inside the Commodore disk drive. As Pi can execute code on its emulated core it supports a vast range of fast loaders games and demo scene even copy protected originals.

This program requires a calibrated disk. Pi is a cycle-exact emulator for the disk drive. Why wait weeks from China when you can get a much better quality cable in days? For use with Commodore 64 disc drives and printers.

This is a part of. Most of emulation is now supported. Inside the power supply cage is quite neat, just an off the shelf TDK switch mode power supply. The XUM is a framework to build several devices. Every moment of your life is valuable, money can't buy time. Maybe there is a problem with your daughter board? Can you paste your options file? This product comes to you assembled and tested, ready to go.

NEW drive disk printer printer disk 64 cable. There are others as well, but this one gives good feedback. See Details.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account.

This enhancement has been asked about in various forums, but I wanted to get it on an official issues list. I may fork it and see if I can help also. Its a been a little while since I did bare metal on the Raspi. For now, Im going to have to step back a little. IEC is a bit above my head at the moment. But I will happily continue to support this effort. Still working on it.

Now days I don't have as much free time to work on the project so that is why things have slowed down, sorry. There's nothing to be sorry for :. Thanks for your quick reply, and for all the effort you've put into this!

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. That could work too. Totally agree. Lets see what they say. Most of emulation is now supported. Still working on burst mode. Is there any update on burst mode? Or has that been scrapped? Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

Already have an account? Sign in to comment. Linked pull requests.

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You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.The Commodore 64 will always have a special place in my setup.

As a kid I cut my teeth on an original breadbin I have so many fond memories of spending weekend evenings playing Wasteland or California Games as a kid. Still to this day I use my Games, bbsing and the odd bit of code keep me disconnected from the cesspool that has become the internet.

The main storage method for the 64 was the "ahead of its time" floppy drive, the This drive had a CPU, its own built-in operating system and was built like a tank. They aren't really made for "archival" purposes. Enter the SD card. Now SD card based solutions for the Commodore 8 bit family of computers isn't something new.

pi1541 1571

On a side note: the Raspberry Pi recently took the title of the world's best selling home computer, a title that was held by the Commodore 64 until just recently.

It runs the same code, fast loaders, demos and copy protected disk images as the original drive does. I've been using the Pi for almost a year now as the main drive on my I love the unit so much that I have 3 of them. The first one was a unit I breadboarded shortly after I stumbled on the project.

My latest addition is from Ebay seller despegatop ; a true work of art the fits right in next to my Commodore This really is a slick product modelled after a real The micro SD card card slides right into the front where the real floppy would go. Red and green LEDs for drive activity and power. A Commodore chicken head logo moulded into the top of the case. It even comes with the Commodore label complete with rainbow stripes and a stylized logo.

You get all the needed hardware to affix your Pi to the hat and case as well as a detailed instruction sheet for assembly and operation. You get your standard Pi fare as well. When you first turn on the device it loads into SD2IEC mode which allows you to browse through the disk images you have stored on the SD card.

As far as your 64 is concerned, it's talking to a real To be honest, this unit is the "Cadillac" of Pis. It is slick and polished, but it does no more or less that the first breadboarded solution I created a year ago.The Commodore line of 8-bit computers used a disk drive called the Commodore later the and This venerable drive is a classic and deserves to be treated us such. For this reason, I try to use mine as little as possible and keep it as more of a showpiece in my museum. There are other drive emulators out there.

I put emulator in quotes, because the SD2IEC is not a true emulator, rather it emulates some functions of the based on commands passed to it. This can be a problem, since anything that attempts to change code in the will fail to work.

This means many copy protection schemes, fastloaders, and other such utilities are simple not going to function on the SD2IEC devices. The Pi on the other hand is a true Commodore emulator! It uses a copy of the original ROM images from the Commodore and a full emulator to present itself to the computer as a true drive in every way.

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It just works. In addition to being a full emulator, it has a hardware LED, and piezo buzzer to provide the sights and sounds of the drive working, along with an OLED screen for browsing SD card images. Did I mention you can 3D print some awesome retro cases to put it in?

If you plan to 3D print your case, you can get the files on Thingiverse. The first thing I did before building my Pi is to simply prototype it on a breadboard to make sure everything actually works.

This is a simple way to find mistakes and test ideas before putting the Pi on a soldered board which is much more difficult to change after the fact.

The RPi 4 is not yet supported and there is no timeline for supporting it if ever. The Pi comes with a wiring schematic that is decent enough to follow. However, I know so many people prefer simpler Fritzing style diagrams for these types of projects.

This is the official Pi wiring schematic for this project. Note that the official schematic does not show connection of the OLED display. You will need to make a change in the options file to enable this, covered later in this tutorial. I used the circuit boards listed above and scored them with a razor knife, snapped them, and then finished off the rough edges with a little sandpaper. On the back of the OLED circuit board, I simply jumped all of the grounds together to make it simpler to wire.

It might not be the most elegant solution, but It works just fine. The final wire is tied to a common ground. You can find links in the parts list above. The Commodore 64 and most other Commodore machines use 5 volt serial lines.

This was very common in the s. Today, most everything uses 3. The Raspberry Pi uses 3. A logic level converter translates the voltages between the C64 and RPi to make sure everything works.

pi1541 1571

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